Let’s Help This Momma Get a Kidney!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Help This Momma Get a Kidney!”

  1. Hey Chica – thanks for sharing. this is a beautiful write up and I hope it yields more donors willing to step forward. Just a quick update. I spoke with the Case Worker on the 4th and she said I am a match so far. Not to get your hopes up though because I think it just means that my system is health enough to donate and we’re a blood match (I’m O+, universal donor so I’m everyone’s match :)).

    Next steps, is determining tissue compatibility, getting a pap smear, and possible mammogram.She said I should hear back from her in a few days.

    I’ll keep you posted as things progress.

    Love you!



    1. Thank you so much!! My biggest fear is getting my hopes up so I try not to get excited when people are moving forward. It’s like the biggest let down to know that you may have a long life only to have it snatched from you and learn that you may not see your son make it out of Elementary School. Very defeating. But thank you so much for taking the steps. I pray that you are a tissue match and if not, that you are open to do the donor matching program. It’s my next best bet. 💓


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