To Leash or Not to Leash your Babe

2 thoughts on “To Leash or Not to Leash your Babe”

  1. I vividly remember when my best firiend and I went to the park, she pull out a leash for her son and I was so disgusted!! I couldn’t believe it! I thought “how could you leash your own child!!!!” This was BEFORE I had kids of my own, Now I thank God for it!!!! Especially having a toddler and an infant! When I take my daughter out, I don’t want her stuck in a stroller the entire time and don’t want the risk of her running and hurting herself, or getting away from me!! That is my worst fear! As a parent, you want to make sure your kids are safe!!! This gives them the opportunity to explore but also keep them safe. I’ve only had to use one a few times, and my daughter actually liked it. I did feel uncomfortable the first time, because I didn’t want to be judged, but within seconds those feelings were chucked in the f@*k it bucket, and we were both happy with the secured freedom she had.


    1. Kelley thank you so much for your honesty!! I feel like this is one of those taboo topics that only Moms understand. I too didn’t understand why people would leash their kids. But now that I have one of my own I totally get it. Their safety is FAR more important than the rolling eyes and judgment that you’ll get from others. I am seriously thinking of getting Avery a leash really soon. Every time we leave the house I wish I had one but the shame continues to prevent me from getting one. Isn’t that crazy?


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